Copyright 2012

Serie of drawing : Felt-tip pens, ballpoint pens, permanent marker, pencil, white-out pen and Posca on photocopies on A4 paper.
Prints (reproduction of the drawings) 150 x 200 cm.

A dark humour underpins Sandrine Morgante’s tragicomic series Mélatonine, exploring sleep and its absence. Suffering from insomnia, she writes and draws in a notebook in the middle of the night and transfers these musings – sometimes melancholic, sometimes frantic – onto photocopies of adverts for sleep-inducing medicine. There is a tension between the calming graphics and soothing language used to promote these drugs or homeopathic remedies and her own, hand-written commentaries. The latter evoke the Lettrist rebellion against normative language, and the punky aesthetic of fanzines or underground flyers. Despite its occasional note of desperation, the series offers a form of resistance to the dominance of conventional waking hours and the demands for efficiency and productivity that the daytime demands.
Zoë Gray

Ici à écouter, une conversation avec Jean-Philippe Convert sur la série Mélatonine exposée au WIELS :