Copyright 2012

Homme à problèmes (Man with problems)
Video in loop 15’47’’

Avec Kévin (Being with Kevin)
Video in loop 11’39’’

Bouche Bottom (Mouth Cul)
Video in loop 4’10’’

Casual meetings in a local train between Aywaille and Liège, or at a party in Brussels. Men who entered in contact with me trying to seduce me in a frankly way.
Who is speaking ? This question rises by listening/watching this video/audio: a dialogue without any image or contextual sound. The identities of the characters are blurred once the same voice is playing the two voices. Or rather, the identity, the social role is then lying in the “way they speak”.
From a casual flirting conversation I had myself and that I recorded in a train in between Aywaille and Liège, I imitated accurately both voices. The intention was to distance from myself and to embodied the other’s role.